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10 Years?!?
I just came back to work after lunch to a very scary email, "Congratulations on Reaching 10 Years of Service this Year!" Really, 10 years? Whew, that's a damn long time.

Also, I get to chose my own thank you gift, all emblazoned with the county logo. So far I'm leaning toward the "Excel Saddle Brief", which appears to be some sort of messenger bag. The "Sunscope Dual Compartment Delux Lunch Cooler" looks pretty good, too, but I don't know if I'd ever use it. And, of course, who wouldn't be tempted by the "Coleman Folding Shovel/Pick".

I suppose that they figure I've put up with this place for 10 years, so I'm far less likely to use it as a weapon of mayhem.

*ponders its uses as a weapon of mayhem"

Hulk Sad
This is going to sound weird.

Can anyone recommend a good movie in which Mark Ruffalo is sad?

I was sifting through my Netflix queue, trying to decide what to watch next now that I've rewatched my favorite comic book movies, and a thought struck me.  "I want to see some of the other movies Mark Ruffalo has been in," I found myself thinking.  "Something sad."

I am THIS Nerdy.
Spent the first part of my day sewing the outer tunic for my new Jedi robes.  Almost done.  Just need to hem and attach sleeves.  After that, I just have to make the hooded cloak.  That will take me about an hour.

Wonder NW is next weekend.  It's a local small-scale geek conference.  Last year I regretted not going in costume.  Won't happen this year.

While I pinned and sewed, I watched Thor.

I went out for lunch, but my favorite vegan place was too crowed, so it was across the street to my McMenamin's for a veggie burger and a mocha milkshake.  Even though I'm in there all the time by myself, the server seemed thrown that I was eating alone.  I side-eyed him a bit, and he fled.  I read an old volume of "Powers" while I ate.

After lunch, I went home to check my mail.  There I found my new Star Fleet Sciences pin.  It's awesome, though a bit too small to serve as the badge on my uniform.  I'll attach it to my con lanyard or my tricorder bag instead.  That idea led me to spend some time laying out the design for my tricorder bag.  It'll be a bit rough, but it's my first bag.  I hope I have enough silver for the details.

Then I went to Avengers again.  It remains awesome.  Good crowd, too, laughing in the right places, quiet when they ought to be.

Back at home, I decided to experiment with my hair some.  I rarely wear it up, but I'll really need to for my Star Fleet uniform.  After mindlessly fiddling with it for a while, I found something I liked...and realized that it's Princess Leia's hair do from her time on Bespin.  Huh.  I may still wear it, and I'd be curious to see if anyone called me on mixing my scifi classics.

For the rest of the evening, I plan to do some laundry, sew my Jedi robe hems, and maybe cut the fabric for my bag.

Maybe I'll watch Captain America while I'm at it.

Bob the Self-Esteem Chicken says, "Low self esteem is for losers!"
Least Attractive Personality Traits
1.    Bigotry  (Seriously, you're an idiot and you need to get away from me...and everyone else.)
2.    Know-it-all-ism  (Yes, yes.  You're brilliant.  So am I.  Let's move on.)
3.    Low self esteem

That last one is tough for me.  I definitely had a bad self image when I was young.  I grew up at the uglier/dorkier/sicklier/less fun sister, and it took a while to get past that.  Mostly, I did it by faking self confidence until I started to believe it.  (Not kidding, it totally worked for me!)  Nowadays I mostly think I'm awesome.  I'm smart, creative, funny, and damn sexy.  I worked for that, and I still work on it everyday.

I have acquaintances and coworkers who feel like it's okay to trash themselves, and it makes me angry.  Like genuinely angry.  I've realized that my reactions are about me and my old issues, and I try to keep that anger to myself.  Sometimes, I just can't.

There is a woman I work with who is almost constantly putting herself down.  We're friendly, gone to movies and concerts together, had dinner a few times.  I've talked to her about her self-deprecation, and told her that it bothers me.  She doesn't get why, and she may never.  At the office, we instituted a "Chicken Jar", just for her.  If she says something bad about herself, she has to put a quarter in the jar.  It works to a point.

But I don't want to be around her anymore, and I've realized that that's why.  I make excuses and don't tell her about stuff that she might to come along for.  I feel shitty for leaving her out, but not enough to include her.  Sometimes I actually have to close my eyes and count to ten to keep from saying something I can't take back.  It seems like only a matter of time before that doesn't work either.

/rant, with apologies.

"Put on the suit."
Don't Start None
I'm trying to prepare myself.  What is an unreasonable number of times to see Avengers in the theater?  I think I will end up seeing it at least three times with various friends, but how many times can I go by myself before it just becomes sad and obsessive?

Do I have to include the number of times I might potentially see it on the cheap in the second run theaters?

Also, if I alternate between 3D, IMAX, and regular screenings, can I count the special formats separately?

I'm already sad and obsessive, aren't I?  *sighs*

Please to be Buying a Dictionary, Please
Plush - adjective - Expensively or showily luxurious.

Dear Fanfiction Writers:

A couch can be plush. A hotel can be plush.

A man's mouth is never, never "plush".


That is all.


My House Smells Better Than Your House
The best thing about making carmelized pears and waffles for breakfast is...well...eating carmelized pears and waffles for breakfast, but coming home after work to the smell of cinnamon and butter and waffles really is quite lovely.

Fic ~ A Thing With Wings
Fell Down

Title ~ A Thing With Wings
Fandom ~ Spartacus  (Set between “Gods of the Arena” and “Blood and Sand”)
Rating ~ R (language, sex)
Pairing ~ Barca/Pietros
Warnings ~ Spoilers for “Gods of the Arena”
Notes ~ For a Spartacus Kink Meme 2012 prompt:  Barca/Pietros – first time.  Parts of this fic were already in my head, and once the prompt spurred me to put them on paper, the rest just came spilling out!

Fic ~ A Thing With WingsCollapse )

Brides of March - 2012

It was year three of Brides of March, and here’s how it went:

 Saturday, March 17th

 All of my friends who were excited about going have bailed.  The weather is supposed to be nasty.  Also, I have yet to get confirmation about where and when the gathering is.  My sister’s awesome dress and newly acquired poofy underskirt take up a corner of the living room, mocking me.

 12:45 – My dear darling friend Paul confirms he’s going and knows where the Brides are meeting!  Yays!  He can give me a ride if I can be ready by 1pm.  I can’t possibly, but I know he’ll be late, so I agree and start scrambling.

 1:15 – Dressed and ready to go, no sign of Paul.

 1:30 – Starting to wonder if I should wait on the front steps, doing my best Miss Havesham awaiting her groom.

 1:40 – Paul arrives.  His partner Robin is driving and offers to pick us up when we’re ready to go home.  Paul isn’t in his dress yet, but says Robin is going to help him get into it when we get to the Brides meeting point.

 2:15pm – We find the Brides!  Paul strips off his t-shirt and steps into his gown.  Robin puts her knee into his back to get it laced up, to much laughter.  She slaps the veil on his head, kisses him quickly, and retreats.

Cut for Drunkness, Language, and Other Adult ThemesCollapse )

"Now we raise our wands, and flick to the left!"

Just realized I never posted a trip report from my trip to the Universal Resort in Orlando!

We flew down on a Sunday and returned Thursday, which was really just long enough.  We had time to do everything we wanted to do, twice, with ample time spent lounging around at the Hog’s Head drinking pumpkin juice and eating chocolate cauldrons.  Our hotel was off-site, but we got a very good deal, the hotel was lovely, and neither of us found the walk to or from the parks particularly difficult.

Cut for length...Collapse )

Fic ~ The Weight of Honor
Oh my gosh, I wrote fanfiction!  I had no idea I could still do that!

Title ~ The Weight of Honor

Fandom ~ Spartacus: Vengeance

Pairing ~ Agron / Nasir

Rating ~ PG13 (language)

Spoilers ~ Through 2x03, “The Greater Good”

Words ~ 800

Notes ~ Don’t you hate it when a character or pairing catches your eye and you can’t find any fanfiction to tide you over between episodes?  Sometimes when that happens, you just have to write your own!  (Of course, in the time that it took to write this, a few others have popped up, but the more, the merrier, right?)

The Weight of HonorCollapse )

My Other Post is a Browncoat
One of my attorneys recently had a baby girl.  He dodged telling anyone the baby's name at first, but finally admitted that they'd named her "River".  Some of the other attorneys made fun of him for picking a "hippie name", but he insisted that it wasn't.  Knowing that he's a bit of a closet geek, I asked, "Tam, or Song?"  Turns out he didn't know who River Song was (yet), but that his daughter was in fact named after River Tam from "Firefly".

Tomorrow he goes on paternity leave for a few months, so this morning I left a little gift in his office.  Two little "onesies" for his daughter.  One says, "I can kill you with my brain."  The other says, "My other onesie is a BROWNCOAT".  Listening to him laugh as he opened them made it totally worthwhile.  He knew I was behind them without even asking.

It's all about sharing the geek love, people.
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I Love a Bit of Objectification in the Morning
I will not admire the way that attorney's ass looks in jeans.
I will not admire the way that attorney's ass looks in jeans.
I will not admire the way that attorney's ass looks in jeans.
I will not admire the way that attorney's ass looks in jeans.
I will not admire the way that attorney's ass looks in jeans.

(Though it did look really, really good.)

That is the second time I've found myself looking at that attorney in that way.  The first time, the realization that I was ogling a co-worker was enough to shock me out of it.  Today, I just found it really difficult to look away!  Gah!

See You in Cincinnati?
Today I sent in our renewal form, with the deposit, for our tickets to the W&S Open in Cincinnati.  This almost didn’t happen.  After it arrived, the HLP and I actually sat down and had a very serious conversation about not going.  In the end, we agreed that we’re not quite ready to give up on the tournament, but also not willing to invest as much time or money as we previously had.  We agreed that we’ll go for the first four or five days, and sell the tickets for the final weekend.  The HLP didn’t even want to do that.  She wanted to dump our current package for a cheaper one, or not buy advance tickets at all.  I only talked her out of it because of the quality of our seats and the ease I will have in selling them.
When it came down to it, we didn’t have as much fun last year.  I hate to sound sexist (in some sort of reverse sexism way?) but the addition of women’s tennis has impacted the tournament in a very negative way.  What was once a big bang for our buck has turned into a frustrating fizzle.
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Does This Make Me a (Bigger) Bitch?
Yesterday, one of my coworkers was on vacation, and the other called in sick.  On a Monday.  That left me with the floater, and the two of us trying to cover three very busy desks.  It was a bad, bad day.  I feel comfortable saying it was the worst day I've had since I came to this unit.  Bad, bad, bad.

Now, today, both my coworkers are back, and both complaining about the state of their desks.  One complained because not enough of her work got done while she was gone, and the other because the floater moved things around at her desk.

To that, I want to say, "Shut the hell up, both of you!  You don't know what we went through!"  It's common knowledge that I fail at sympathy.  Even though my coworker was sick, she KNEW that we were going to be short-handed, and I suspect that her being sick had a lot to do with over-indulging over the weekend.

Even though I didn't say anything aside from telling the first why more of her work didn't get done, we're all sitting here in tense silence.  Things could turn ugly at any moment, or they could relax into our usual banter.

EDIT:  The tense silence has passed.  I told sick coworker that we shouldn't talk about yesterday, but not in an angry way.  I just told her I wanted to forget the whole day.  We'll see how that goes.

Fic ~ Nothing to Lose
Fell Down
Hello, random fic.  It's been so long since I've written one of you!

Title ~ Nothing to Lose
Fandom ~ Star Trek
Rating ~ PG
Pairing ~ Sulu / Chekov
Disclaimer ~ I do not own any version of Star Trek.
Notes ~ Okay, here’s where I write myself into a corner.  This story is one of the “missing scene” sort, but from a book instead of the movies.  It’s from the “Janus Gate” trilogy, written by the truly awesome L.A. Graf.  In the series, the crew of the Enterprise stumbles upon a time/dimensional shift machine.  Captain Kirk is accidentally exchanged with a 14 year old version of himself, and an alternate dimension appears where his absence has led to a massive intergalactic war.  From that timeline comes older and scarred versions of Sulu and Chekov, and they spend a little while aboard the present day Enterprise (with their younger counterparts) while a plan is put into motion to send the 14 year old Kirk back where he should be and retrieve their captain.
Got it?

 Nothing to LoseCollapse )

We're Off to See the Wizard...
It was bound to happen...I'm going back to Universal Studios Orlando, and more importantly, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I am ridiculously excited for this, given how far away it is.

3 months, 1 week, and 4 days.

Okay, now suddenly that doesn't seem so far away.

This time I was all prepared to go alone, because Robin just isn't a fan of Universal Studios (she prefers all things Disney) and the HLP had never expressed an interest.  I still asked her if she wanted to go, though, and was surprised when she announced she'd asked for the time off.  This will be our first theme park vacation and only the second destination vacation since the very first that sealed our friendship in stone more than 15 years ago.  Yes, we go to Cincinnati every year, but that's different.  That's practically work.

As always, she's left all the planning to me.  I've already got our flights, hotel, and tickets booked.  Found a great package.  I gave the HLP some homework, namely reading the first 3 Harry Potter books (it seemed like a minimum in order to appreciate Hogsmeade in all its snowy glory) and watching some of the Universal movies that have rides themed after them.  She's never seen ANY of the Mummy OR Terminator movies.  Sometimes I am baffled that we ever became friends.

Anyhow, the point is that I'm going back to the magic.  Three and half days to soak it in, drink silly amounts of butterbeer and pumpkin juice, spend too much money on very cool stuff, and ride Forbidden Journey until I kinda want to throw up.  Sounds heavenly!


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